Conflict is part of being human!

We can’t avoid all conflict, it’s everywhere and sometimes it is necessary to help us move forward.

Our Jungle Mediation service helps organisations and individuals to resolve disputes, as we recognise any form of dissatisfaction can cause stress and worry, not to mention the time involved and cost of litigation!

For us, mediation makes good business sense.

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 Mediation at a glance:

  • It’s quicker, cheaper and less stressful than going to court
  • You’re in control – it’s voluntary and you decide on the outcome
  • It’s confidential – you avoid the publicity of a court case and you can decide what the mediator tells the other party
  • It gets results – Mediation takes hours, not months.  You can get results in a day, saving you time and money.

 What next?

Our meditation services are designed to assist organisations of all sizes to overcome challenges commonly faced.   To find out more about how our mediation services can assist you or your organisation please contact us at or call us on 07970 778874