Providing managers and leaders with the skills necessary to ensure employees excel and perform at an optimum level is vital for business success.

But being a Manager or Leader is not always easy, and if an organisation’s performance is expected to grow year on year, then those in Leadership and Managerial roles need to grow and develop at a far greater rate.

When managing others business managers and leaders need to:

  • Be clear about the outputs they expect from their people,
  • Ensure that people have the right clarity of purpose in their roles
  • Make sure that those who work within the business have the right technical skills
  • Make sure that as managers and leaders they role model behaviours to support delivery of the desired business outcomes.

Jungle has proven expertise to help organisations understand and develop clear frameworks on how best to deliver a clear line of sight for every individual within the organisation.

This may include providing clarity for employees on what they do and how they do it, and what impact their role has within the organisation.

Here’s how we can help…

  • Our Managing Peak Performance programme focuses on the Management and Leadership skills vital for managing peak performance within any organisation.

    Our programme enables participants to increase their own personal awareness, develop effective strategies for leading people through the employee lifecycle including attracting and retaining the best, managing and maintaining peak performance and leading people through change.

    Click here to download an overview of the Managing Peak Performance Programme

  • Recruitment can be a costly business, especially at Board level.

    All parties want to make this appointment a great success, but all too often the results can be disappointing both for the organisation and for the candidate.

    At Jungle we know what it takes for someone to transition successfully through those first crucial days in a new role.

    The key to success is to jointly agree on the objectives with the line manager and new executive from the outset and support the new executive with one to one coaching.

    Jungle can support this process to ensure objectives are clear in terms of measures of success which will then be reviewed regularly throughout the programme to ensure the goals are delivered and the business sees a great return on investment!

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  • Talent requirements within an organisation can change at different levels within an organisation and at differing phases of any individual’s career.

    Jungle can help organisations to identify and build talent capability they need to enable successful engagement and improve organisational performance.

    We can achieve this by:

    • Conduct leadership / Talent assessment – including 360° feedback, psychometric testing, assessment centres, etc
    • Support the development of Personal Development Plans
    • Coach & Mentor
    • Plan for succession
    • Create and review graduate programmes

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  • Team Development & Facilitation

    Jungle has vast experience of Team Facilitation, this can cover areas such as:

    • designing business strategy;
    • improving team working,
    • assessing the performance of Boards;  or
    • simply improving the day to day running of a business through operational meetings.

  • Psychometric Assessments are powerful tools which can be used at any level within an organisation through recruitment, promotion, team building or simply to raise personal awareness.

    Jungle’s qualified practitioners use Specialist tools such as 16PF, MBTI and Insights Discovery with individuals, teams and organisations to improve business performance.