HR Strategy

iStock_000016072820LargeThe development and implementation of a People Strategy that is linked to an organisation’s business objectives is key to business success. HR planning can, however, require a change in both process and perception.

At Jungle we help organisations create a high performing HR function, focused on supporting the delivery of business results.

At Jungle, we help organisations to think about the different roles that HR play and the extent to which they each and collectively support the business to deliver its aims.

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We can also help to:

  • Develop your HR/People Strategy
  • Define the role and function of HR and create relevant KPIs
  • Review and develop HR policy and practice
  • Undertake HR effectiveness audits
  • Help streamline HR processes using technology

  • The legislative environment within which organisations operate continues to undergo continual change meaning organisations need to be proactive to ensure legal compliance with their employment practices.

    Ensuring HR Best Practice and robust employment Policies are in place is not only essential to comply with legislation but also avoids any unnecessary misunderstandings.

    So, from recruitment, through induction and on to development Jungle have the tools to do this. For one organisation this meant successfully achieving 57th place in The Sunday Times Best Companies.

  • They say don’t work with people and pets as they can be so unpredictable!

    As people are, however, considered an organisations greatest asset it is important to ensure that there is an effective employee relations strategy in place. Having robust procedures in place will ensure that any issues which may arise will be dealt in a compassionate, consistent, professional, legal and fair manner.

    Jungle have the expertise to provide support and guidance to avoid any potential difficult situations arising, however, should such a situation arise then Jungle can also support an organisation to navigate its way through the employment law complexities.

  • More often than not Managers are promoted for their technical capabilities but are often underdeveloped with their people management skills. This can lead to inefficiencies and poor performance.

    Jungle can work with an organisation to develop programmes to build and develop management capabilities to help them deal effectively with people issues and any change/culture programmes.

  • Sadly many HR functions are viewed as “personnel” administration functions, with labour intensive procedures, creating mountains of paperwork and unnecessary barriers within an organisation which add little to no value to the bottom line.

    Jungle can review an organisation’s HR activities, and by working in conjunction with the HR team and Senior Management Population we will help develop and implement efficiencies, whilst ensuring legal compliance.

    This is likely to include defining the HR strategy and aligning it with the Operational/business objectives.