People are an organisation’s greatest asset so creating a “great place to work” environment is the key to gaining competitive advantage.

Our Jungle Consultants know what it takes for a company to achieve Sunday Times Top 100 status and retain this accolade for five consecutive years. Jungle’ passion is to share its inside knowledge on what makes great companies.

We know that there are many steps to creating a great place to work here are a few examples of how we can help….

  • Relying on the jungle telegraph is not the most effective means of communication within an organisation!

    Jungle can help organisations gather information and opinions from a range of key stakeholders, and design and implement effective communication strategies to maximise their engagement and commitment to business improvement.

    We also help create written communication materials to enhance engagement and deliver business improvements.

    In the latest article published by Insights Discovery, Teresa Boughey, Director at Jungle HR Ltd, and Lindsay Munro, Client Relationship Manager at Insights, discuss the role of communication in what is considered to be one of the most difficult challenges for any organisation today – finding ways to effectively speak to its employees and boost engagement. Click here to learn more

  • Research has proven that those who are motivated give 30%+ more discretionary effort than their less motivated colleagues.

    Jungle can work with you to design and undertake Employee Satisfaction Surveys, and use assessment tools such as 360-degree feedback tools to understand the morale of employees.

    Having gathered the feedback we then work with our clients to design a programme to deliver improved employee satisfaction.

  • Offering competitive rewards is important to attract and retain employees.

    Not only is basic pay an important factor but so is the environment which employees work in and the additional benefits the company offer.

    Jungle can work with you to understand the needs and wants of your employees and help you to tailor your value added benefits that enable employees to feel recognised for the contributions they make.

    Great recognition schemes help organisations to gain that all important competitive advantage and become an employer of choice.

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