When it comes to training, every company has a unique requirement so we work on solutions that will deliver a clear ROI.

Here are some of our areas of expertise…..

Executive Coaching

Executive CoachingOur Executive Coaching programmes are designed for leaders in significant roles running or making a significant contribution to businesses.

Our Executive Coaching programmes can help newly appointed executives to accelerate their impact, and firmly establish their seat at the leadership table. Click here to learn more….



Change Management Expertise

Change ManagementJungle has a wealth of experience in supporting organisations through change management situations.

We quickly help organisations to identify levers for change, align leadership teams and link with effective engagement and communication strategies. Click here to learn more….





Organisational Design & Business Transformation

Organisational DesignJungle has a wealth of experience gained in supporting businesses with mergers and acquisitions, change management programmes and business turnarounds. Click here to learn more….



Employee Engagement & Communication Strategy

Employee Engagement & Communication StrategyNumerous independent studies have shown that where there is a positive relationship between training, motivating, engaging and empowering employees there is increased improvements in productivity, employee satisfaction and financial performance.

Jungle has experience of what it takes to be a ‘Great Place to Work’ organisation. Click here to learn more….


Talent Management

Talent ManagementOrganisations need to think hard about how the talent requirement changes, both at different levels in the organisation and at differing phases of any individuals career.

Jungle can help organisations identify and to build the capability they need to enable successful engagement and improve organisational performance. Click here to learn more….




HR Operational Support

Operational SupportJungle has the expertise to define the HR strategy, aligning it with the Operational/business objectives whilst support an organisation to navigate its way through the employment law complexities.  Click here to learn more….





MediationWe can’t avoid conflict, it’s everywhere!   Sometimes it is necessary and productive to move us forward, however, in most cases, disputes can prove costly for businesses as they lessen productivity, can cause stress and anxiety, not to mention the huge costs of litigation.

Our mediation services are designed to assist organisations of all sizes to overcome challenges and resolve disputes with a discussion.    Click here to learn more…