Closing the Gap – 5 Steps to Creating an Inclusive Culture

Closing the gap book coverNow available on Amazon, this book  provides business leaders, directors and HR  professionals with clear, practical guidance both for those taking their  first steps and those already on their journey; presenting an opportunity to ‘evaluate progress’ and embed inclusive practices into all future strategies.  It utilises the unique tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ™ methodology to provide practical advice to any organisation seeking to transform their office culture.

By following the five-step methodology readers can take stock of their current situation and raise awareness of what needs to change, learn how to inspire and involve all stakeholders, build inclusivity and diversity into future strategies and embed positive practices to achieve a maximum impact.

Available as a paperback for£14.99 with free delivery or as a Kindle edition for £6.99

I Am A Woman Who

I am a woman who bookAs the winner of the 2018 Woman Who ….Achieves Change Champion for Women in Business in 2018, Jungle HR CEO, Teresa was asked to contribute to this annual celebration of  women in business role models.

21 woman share their business journeys, including the challenges they have faced, how they overcame them along with top tips, favourite quote and a key message.

Teresa said she was delighted to be able to inspire other women and be asked to deliver the keynote speech at the International Women’s Day lunch and book launch on March 18 2019.

Available on Amazon in paperback for £12.99