We believe that performance excellence is created when an Inclusive workplace culture is created.  An environment that promotes behaviours where all people feel valued, where a sense of belonging is created and where people feel able to achieve their true potential.

We know however that creating a workforce that is truly diverse and inclusive requires a change of culture, mind-set, behaviour, language,  and working practices.   Such a change of course is unlikely to occur overnight and often organisations are unsure where to start.  That’s why we’ve created the Diversity & Inclusion Scorecard.

The Diversity & Inclusion Scorecard

The Diversity & Inclusion scorecard is based on the tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ™ methodology.

By taking the Diversity & Inclusion scorecard you will measure your company against the 5 key areas required to create an Inclusive and Diverse culture.

Answer 40 quick “Yes/No” questions and  you’ll receive a detailed report on how you score against the 5 key areas, together with recommendations for how you can improve.


Take the Scorecard and start your journey towards creating an Inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels respected and their unique differences are valued. take-the-scorecard-button-300x52