Insights ws picEveryone who chooses to be a Manager or a Leader has a special obligation to be aware of the influence they have on people and situations.  Our Managing Peak Performance programme focuses on the Management and Leadership skills vital for managing peak performance within any organisation.

Our programme enables participants to increase their own personal awareness, develop effective strategies for leading people through the employee life cycle including attracting and retaining the best, managing and maintaining peak performance and leading people through change.

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  • The Managing Peak Performance programme is for ambitious managers who want to become leaders, and for managers who realise that achievement comes through other people and not inspite of them.

    Each participant will increase their own personal awareness and develop management and leadership skills that will enable them to excel in their current roles and improve team and company performance. 

  • We run a one day Managing Peak Performance Programme that provides a practical introduction to the core skills of coaching and will help delegates to understand how to apply these coaching skills when ‘Managing Peak Performance’ in the workplace.

    By the end of the workshop delegates will

    • Understand what coaching is (and isn’t!)
    • Learn how coaching can be used at all performance levels
    • Increase personal awareness and understand how managerial style and behaviour impacts performance


    • Enhance listening skills
    • Know how to give and received constructive and impactful feedback
    • Understand and know how to use the C.I.G.A.R coaching tool/model
    • Learn how to ask powerful questions that increase performance, strengthen relationships and devolves ownership to others

  • We also run a more comprehensive three day programme which comprises three modules:

    Module One

    Attracting & Retaining the Best

    • Understand your brand as a leader and the impact this has on attracting and retaining the best
    • Realise the implications of employment legislation surrounding hiring employees and ensure the interview process is legally compliant
    • Recognise what motivates others and match with appropriate leadership style
    Module Two

    Managing Peak Performance

    • Understand the impact of personal style on others
    • Gain greater confidence and expertise in managing both individuals and large, or complex teams
    • Enhance leadership behaviours and know when to flex style for different situations
    • Support others to create realistic ‘action plans for success’ to enable them to achieve peak performance
    Module Three

    Leading in Times of Change

    • Identify the transition within the employee lifecycle and learn how to support people through each phase
    • Develop ways to motivate employees through change and new challenges
    • Develop communication skills that work at all levels of the organisation

    Modules one to three are delivered at agreed intervals via skills development and work-related workshops.

  • A blended learning experience will enable delegates to leave with techniques to manage themselves and their teams to achieve optimum results.

    Delegates will be able to put the learning into immediate practice back in the workplace.

    Delegates will also have the opportunity to give and receive coaching support to improve their leadership style.

  • The Managing Peak Performance program is without a doubt the best leadership development programme our Managers have ever attended.

    Karen Aspey, Talent Manager, AIRCELLE UK Ltd


    We invested in the Managing Peak Performance program for our Managers as we wanted to equip them with the right skills to enable them to manage our people consistently, often within a fast paced demanding environment.   The feedback from our Managers has been excellent, they found the programme, practical, worthwhile and extremely beneficial. 

    Marylin Bishop, HR Director, Safran Labinal Power Systems

What next?

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