We recognise that to ensure that women form a representative proportion of the business community, its essential that investment is made in the development of female talent.   That  is why, we, at Jungle, have created our own Women in Leadership programme.  image

The Jungle Empowering Women to Excel in Leadership (JEWEL) programme has been specifically designed to equip women with tools, confidence building techniques, career strategies and self-awareness that allows them to reach the highest levels.

The JEWEL programme helps talented females break-through barriers that have historically impeded women’s career development, as well as to empower those who participate to become respected and highly effective leaders.

Who is the JEWEL programme for?

delegates 2The Jungle Empowering Women to Excel in Leadership (JEWEL) programme will equip women with the tools they need to reach the very top.

The JEWEL programme is delivered in four one-day modules and has been designed to developed to aid individuals and organisations to enhance leadership skills and inspire success.

Diversity matters.  Don’t put it off any longer.  Take steps to build a stronger business and contact a member of our Jungle team to learn more about our Women in Leadership Programme (JEWEL)

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email: charlotte@junglehr.com

  • Re-discover & Release

    You can get so caught up with ‘life’ that you have suddenly forgotten the true identity of who you are and what you want.

    This module is vital for taking that all important step away to really reconnect with yourself, identify who you are, consider what you want, what’s holding you back and how to re-discover you!

    During this module we will explore:

      • What is holding you back, what’s preventing you from moving forward
      • How to manage your anxieties and self-doubt as a leader
      • Thinking about yourself and your relationships with others
      • Re-discovering your identity (including personal brand)
      • Past career journey and skills mapping
      • Understanding what recognition looks like for you.

  • Creating the Vision

    Moving to the next level with your career can be daunting, firstly you need to be clear on what you want, then create the steps to achieve your goals.

    During this module, we will explore

      • Setting a clear life goal – where do you want to go from here?
      • Identifying the drivers that will make your objectives a reality
      • Identifying Professional Goals – creating the plan to make it happen
      • Create a harmonic wealth plan (career, family, health, self-development etc)
      • How to make it clear that you want that seat that the table!

  • Advancement – How to step up in style

    Often stepping up to the next tier requires a different level of thinking.  Moving from operational to strategic.   To thrive as a leader, women must be able to understand powerbases, use clear and powerful communication to give instructions, provide helpful and supportive feedback, and delegate in a way that yields positive results.

    During this module, we will explore

      • How to perfect your strategic thinking to get to the next level
      • Communication skills top women leaders use in the toughest situations
      • Where are you now in relation to advancement
      • How your power & authority can be helpful and how to avoid it being destructive
      • 3 crucial skills sets: delegation, feedback and goal-setting
      • How to be more confident & decisive with decision-making techniques

  • Increase influence & visibility

    Stand out from the crowd!

    This module focuses on what women need to know to be seen and heard at work.

    We will explore the essential skills that will increase your visibility, presence and influence at work.  You will also learn clear and powerful communication techniques to help gain better buy-in and deliver superior results

    During this module we will explore:

      • Determining how you want to be seen at work
      • The art of influence – tips to gain better buy-in and more influence\
      • Learning to self-promote: be your own best advocate
      • Using language that builds credibility – what to say and what to avoid
      • What you may be doing to sabotage your own career
      • Improving personal impact

  • Employer Benefits

    Participant   Benefits

    •  The JEWEL programme equips and inspires the kind of leaders required to   ensure your company’s future success.
    • As an employer, your investment in their development will help you   retain your best and brightest and will pay substantial, long-term dividends
    • By investing in your high potential staff members you not only enhance   their leadership skills, but you also send a clear message that you believe in   them and support them in their career advancement.
    • A diverse management team has proven business benefits!
    • Addresses key business and personal leadership   challenges and explores how to analyse and approach them as opportunities
    • Compare different leadership styles and understand how   to adapt and connect with others
    • Develop plans for actively managing personal and   career leadership pathways- To build women’s belief in themselves increasing   personal confidence
    • To understand how power and influence can be helpful   and when it can be destructive
    • To develop personal brand that has broad impact &   reach
    • Enhance personal awareness and improve personal   effectiveness to inspire women to achieve their true potential