EffectivenessWorkshopJungle deliver either half or full day Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness Workshops.

These workshops are ideal for intact teams or can be as equally impactful for individuals working in different functions within an organisation.

Delegates will leave the workshop with a sound understanding of themselves, and a recognition of how to spot the energy preferences in others.

As a consequence individuals will understand what they need to do differently to adapt and connect with others.

We would recommend that individuals receive their own comprehensive 18-page Foundation Chapter of the Insights Discovery Profile which tells individuals about their:

  • style and approach,
  • key strengths and weaknesses,
  • value to the team,
  • communication style,
  • possible blind spots,
  • communicating with their opposite type, and
  • suggestions for development.

This insightful knowledge can help the individual to clearly know where their ‘stretch and growth’ areas are in order to, work together as a team, build relationships, engage more effectively with customers and deliver against the business objectives.

ColourCritiqueWe would also recommend that all individuals receive a one hour 1:1 colour critique session after the team effectiveness workshop which involves a full de-brief  of their Insights Discovery profile as well as providing a safe, focused space where individuals can honestly assess where they are, and consider what they need to achieve their goals


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