Insights Discovery is a powerful profiling tool that has a simple but effective colour system that allowsinsights pic individuals to understand their natural strengths and preferred ways of working.

The Insights Discovery tools can increase personal awareness, improve team effectiveness, strengthen internal and external relationships and improve communication.

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  • In order to be an exceptional business with great leaders, with dedicated employees, and deliver great customer service you need to work out your strengths.   The Insights Discovery tool can boost employee engagement, enable individuals and teams to understand their own preferred communication styles and recognise how their style is perceived by others.

  • The Insights Discovery tool has many applications.  Here are just a few examples of how the tool can be used within an organisation

    • Team Development – supporting teams to value the contribution of each team member and aid them to work smarter together
    • Leadership & Management – Insights Discovery is a core component of our Leadership & Management development programmes
    • Enhancing Employee Engagement – Supporting the development of a fully engaged and effective workforce to get the most out of your people
    • Improving Sales Performance – Our Sales Effectiveness programme enhances the sales experience and ensures processes and proposals are optimised to reflect the four energy preferences thus enhancing sales impact.
    • Managing Change – Using the Insights Discovery tool when managing and/or leading others through change, we are enabled to help individuals and teams to recognise the stages of an individual’s response to change and learn how the different colour energies respond to change
    • Stress – Recognising what happens to us when we have bad days as well as good days.  The tool can also help us to understand how we behave when performing under pressure.
    • Communication – The Insights Discovery tool will help individuals to understand their own preferred communication style and learn to recognise how their communication is perceived by others.

  • There are many benefits to using the tool.   Here are just a few

    • Greater understanding of own operating style and how this may affect performance at work
    • Recognition of and appreciation for differences with others thus reducing conflict, enabling change and enhancing team interaction
    • Recognition of individual contributions to the team thus enabling creativity and the problem-solving ability of the team
    • Ability to see things from others perspectives, valuing diversity and so enabling teamwork to flourish
    • A framework for better communication both internally within the team and externally, leading to greater productivity
    • A framework of influencing tools to ensure the organisation’s message is successfully articulated and sales messages are acted upon.


Our solutions are experiential, fun(!) and impactful.  Individuals are able to transfer the learning immediately back into the workplace.

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