Inclusive Manager ProgrammeEveryone who chooses to be a Manager or a Leader has a special obligation to be aware of the influence they have on people and situations.  Development of leadership skills and personal awareness is vital for managing peak performance within an organisation. Employees look at the behaviour and actions of their Managers and Senior Leaders and follow their lead.

This program is for those who recognise that success and increased performance comes through and with and through other people valuing the unique difference that they bring.

Our Inclusive Manager programme enables participants to increase their own personal awareness, develop effective strategies for leading people through the employee life cycle including attracting and retaining the best, managing and maintaining peak performance and leading people through change.

How it works

The Inclusive Manager Program is a modular based program and can be delivered in two ways…

  • as an in-house programme, or
  • if you’re looking to enhance your own skills then you can get started now with our self-guided on-line programme.
Inclusive Manager Programme
Inclusive Manager Programme – Self-Guided Portal

When joining us for the self-guided online programme you can work through each module from beginning to end, however you’re more than welcome to jump around to the section within the module that you need right now.

Every module is broken down into small bite-sized learning so you can navigate to the exact lesson you need.

Lessons include a variety of learning materials including:

  • videos,
  • checklists,
  • download guides, and
  • other enrichment resources

What’s included?

All in-house programmes are facilitated by a member of our learning faculty.

If you chose to embark upon our self-guided programme then you will learn from thought leaders via lessons contained within our on-line portal.

Whichever route you decide each module builds upon the next to extend and embed your learning.

Each module contains a variety of learning materials including videos, checklists, download guides or other useful resources.

Who is the Inclusive Manager Programme for?

The Inclusive Manager programme is for managers and leaders who want to become authentic and inclusive leaders.

Each participant will increase their own personal awareness and develop management and leadership skills that will enable them to excel in their current roles and improve team and company performance.

What you’ll learn

The Inclusive Manager Program takes a holistic approach to learning and covers the following core areas…

Inclusive Manager - Module 1
  • Understand your brand as a leader and the impact this has on attracting and retaining the best
  • Realise the implications of employment legislation surrounding hiring employees and ensure the interview process is legally compliant
  • Recognise what motivates others and match with appropriate leadership style
Inclusive Manager Programme - Module 2
  • Understand the impact of personal style on others
  • Gain greater confidence and expertise in managing both individuals and large, or complex teams
  • Enhance leadership behaviours and know when to flex style for different situations
  • Support others to create realistic ‘action plans for success’ to enable them to achieve peak performance
Inclusive Manager Programme - Module 3


  • Identify the transition within the employee lifecycle and learn how to support people through each phase
  • Develop ways to motivate employees through change and new challenges
  • Develop communication skills that work at all levels of the organisation

All modules are delivered at agreed intervals via skills development and work-related workshops. The blended learning experience will enable delegates to leave with techniques to manage themselves and their teams to achieve optimum results.

Attendees also have the opportunity to give and receive coaching support to improve their leadership style enabling them to put the learning into immediate practice back in the workplace.


Here’s what others are saying about the programme…

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What next?

Start your Inclusive Manager journey now and join our self-guided programme

Or, if you’d like us to deliver this programme on an in-house basis please get in touch with a member of our team at