Attracting, developing and retaining talented graduates is integral to an effective talent strategy within any organisation.

Our Growing Giants Graduate programme will enable your graduates to learn, grow and ultimately lead.  Our programme is focussed on helping your graduates to be ‘ready for work’ whilst developing a leadership mind-set.

Our programme will add business value at every key area of your graduate’s development journey.

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  • Our Growing Giants Graduate programme comprises of four modules and has been designed to deliver the core Leadership & Development elements enabling graduates to gain the skills necessary of future leaders.

    • Module 1: Kick start – Becoming business ready knowing how to operate within a business environment, understanding both internal and external customers and why driving for results is essential.
    • Module 2:  Communication skills & The Art of Influence– raising personal awareness, understanding how to communicate effectively, building constructive & effective relationships
    • Module 3: Professional Etiquette (presenting with style) – Learning how to prepare and deliver innovative and effective presentations to ensure full understanding and gain buy in.
    • Module 4: Getting things done –  Learning the essential skills needed for prioritisation and effective time management (self & others) 

  • 4iOur Growing Giants Graduate Programme is underpinned by our i4 leadership model. The model aligns those key leadership attributes which are required from leaders of today and  form the golden thread which is woven throughout the skills of our development workshops.

    Our Growing Giants Graduate Programme will help graduates to develop: creativity, flexibility, confidence, resilience, stakeholder engagement, problem solving skills, agility, ability to influence without authority, customer focus, driving for results, and self-awareness.

  • All graduates would commence the learning journey by completing an on-line evaluator for the Insights Discovery Tool.     Insights Discovery is a unique powerful profiling tool that has a simple but effective use of a unique colour system, Fiery RedSunshine YellowEarth Green and Cool Blue (Insights® Colour Energies).   Each delegate receives their own Insights Discovery profile which is then de-briefed to  via a 1:1 coaching session.

    The Growing Giants Graduate programme modules are delivered via workshops which are  at agreed intervals (usually every 4 – 6 weeks).   The engaging workshops  combine a mix of practical, reflective, and powerfully motivating activities which enable delegates to put their learning immediately into practice back in the workplace.

    As well as receiving all workshop materials,  each graduate who attends our Growing Giants program will be given access to ‘Pebble learning’ an e-portfolio platform.   Delegates will be able to create a record of their learning during the graduate journey and record their reflections from each workshop.

    The e-portfolio platform provides a place for effective communication between the graduates on the program, thus aiding communication between the group, enhances team building and also provides an e-platform to share ideas, learning and best practice.

  • Our Growing Giants Graduate programme will add business value at every key area of your graduate’s development journey.   Here’s just some of the business benefit:

    • Increased business skills and desirable behaviours associated with a high performance organisation
    • Increased sense of personal awareness, including understand personal brand combined with the company brand and values of the organisation
    • Graduates are emotionally committed to a long term development journey within the organisation
    • Success that can be clearly measured.   We recognise that any learning undertaken is an investment which the company is making for the individual and as such it is important that learning interventions are measured in order to evaluate the return on investment.   At Jungle we use the Kirkpatrick model of evaluation for all our programmes