Moving into First Line Management can be an exciting time but if left unsupported it can leave a rising star feeling vulnerable or worse, it can derail the career of a previously technically competent expert.

The Jungle First Line Management development series have been specifically designed for those people new to a management or supervisory position and who are starting out on their leadership journey. We also believe that those who hold a First Line Management position who are looking to refresh their skill set, would also benefit from our programmes.

Our First Line Management development series cover a wide range of topics to give new or inexperienced managers a solid foundation as well as tools and techniques to begin their journey as a Manager.   Topics include managing yourself and others, delegating and objective setting, our programmes also cover many related subject areas such as effective planning, managing change, influencing and communication skills.

Each course is delivered as one-day workshops and are tailored to the specific requirements of a new first line manager, making it ideal for companies or organisations who require first line management training to be delivered in-house.

  • The Jungle First Line Management courses have been specifically designed for those people new to a management or supervisory position and who are starting out on their leadership journey.

    Those who hold a First Line Management position and have had no formal management training who are looking to refresh their skill set would also benefit.

    Download our brochure to find out more.Our courses offer a genuine contemporary understanding of what First Line Management is all about and provides the essential skills, tools and techniques to drive individual and business success.

  • How to get the best out of appraisals

    The appraisal sits at the heart of any approach to performance management, therefore undertaking, and getting the best out of an appraisal is a key skill not only for a manager, but also for the member of staff that is being appraised.

    However, it is also recognised that, when handled badly, appraisals can turn into a confrontational meeting where the manager can have difficulty getting their point across successfully and the appraisee can become defensive and resistant to change. As a result, managers learn to loathe them, and employees fear them.

    This course has been designed to help managers improve the quality of performance appraisal meetings and become confident when delivering feedback. Participants will learn and develop the skills and behaviours necessary to conduct successful staff appraisals.

    Professional Presentation Skills

    The course will show delegates how to overcome presentation fears, and deliver with real impact. Delegates will learn to see the subject from the audience’s perspective and structure content for clarity and ensure delivery is positioned effectively to keep the audience’s attention. Practical exercises throughout the workshop will help delegates to make real progress and see immediate results.

    Participants will develop the confidence to get the right message across and ensure that it will be remembered (for all the right reasons!).

    The course also explores the impact that body language, tonality and pace has on successful presentation. Participants will receive practical tools to help them overcome nerves through proper preparation and planning.

    Effective Disciplinary & Grievance Handling

    Having the knowledge and confidence to handle disciplinary and grievance issues are essential skills for anyone who has people management responsibility.

    Our Effective Disciplinary & Grievance Handling programme enables attendees to learn how to handle a grievance fairly and effectively.

    The programme also covers the effective handling of disciplinary matters, breaking down the various elements of the process from informal to formal disciplinary action, right through to appeal.

    The programme provides practical tools and techniques on how to approach disciplinaries and grievances in the workplace, providing attendees with the confidence to deal with the situation correctly, manage the problem effectively and diffuse the situation according to best practice.

    Interview Skills

    The Jungle Interviewing Skills course will help First Line Managers and Supervisors learn how to prepare for and undertake different types of interviews.

    This course involves interactive role play with actors allowing practical application of the key components required when carrying out interviews.

    Attendees will learn how to understand perception, impact and unconscious bias when conducting interviews, as well as recognise the role that a Manager plays during an interview.

    Effective communication is also vital during an interview, therefore, attendees will also learn what questions to ask, and what not to ask! (learning to stay on the right side of employment legislation)

    Objective and Goal Setting

    Objective and goal setting is a great way to get focused, stay focused and achieve results.

    The Jungle Objective and Goal Setting course will enable attendees to understand why objectives and goals are set; it will explore tools, such as setting SMART objectives and provide practical approaches which can be used by First Line Managers when creating individual or team objectives.

    The course also focuses on the role and responsibilities of goal setting as well as providing skills required for effective communication when agreeing, checking understanding and cascading objectives.

    The course is highly interactive and will help managers learn how to set stretching goals that deliver improved performance.

    Time Management

    Everyone has the same number of hours and minutes in their day so why are some people more productive than others? It’s all about managing your time effectively.

    This course has been designed to help attendees recognise and eliminate distractions, identify priorities, take control, delegate effectively and hit deadlines.

    As well as learning the tools to become more efficient and productive themselves, attendees will also be able to help team members maximise efficiency through prioritisation of the tasks that contribute to the delivery of key organisational priorities.

    Communication skills using Insights “Discovery”

    The Jungle Communications skills workshop is a highly interactive workshop focusing on improving interpersonal communication, thereby improving organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

    Through the workshop participants will understand their own preferred communication style and learn to recognise how their communication style is perceived by others including how to avoid misunderstanding or conflict. Participants will leave with their own Insights Discovery Foundation Chapter Profile that will help them to develop a more flexible communication style that will enable them to connect and engage with people with different personality types.

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