Jungle offer a wide range of bespoke programmes and training courses designed to help deliver change through people.

They include Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development, Management Development, Graduate Development, Business Transformation and HR Business Partner Programmes.

Below is more information on these transformational programmes.

Creating a Diverse an Inclusive Culture

tribe5 logoAddressing Diversity at work goes far beyond the now annual submission of Gender pay data. Organisations now have the opportunity to take action and truly demonstrate to customers, shareholders and staff that they are serious about creating a more Diverse and Inclusive organisation.

Jungle has devised the tribe5 Diversity Accelerator ™ methodology to help you assess your organisations progress on Diversity and Inclusion and show you the steps you need to improve and foster an inclusive environment within which people’s differences are recognised and valued.

Find out more about the range of tools within the tribe5 Diversity Accelerator ™ methodology:

Managing Peak Performance

Man on topEveryone who chooses to be a Manager or a Leader has a special obligation to be aware of the influence they have on people and situations.  Our Managing Peak Performance programme focuses on the skills vital for managing peak performance within any organisation.

Our programme enables participants to increase their own personal awareness, develop effective strategies for leading people through the employee lifecycle including attracting and retaining the best, managing and maintaining peak performance and leading people through change.

Click here to download an overview of the Managing Peak Performance Programme

Shaping the Future

The creation of a high-performance culture is dependent upon the organisation having both the skill and the will required to deliver ever more challenging results in an ever more demanding world.

Our Shaping the Future methodology is proven to deliver outstanding transformational business results.  It has also been recognised through National Awards.

Jungle works with leadership teams to realise a united guiding team that is truly, ‘aligned’; not only in thought but words and actions (behaviours).

Using proven cultural development models and processes, we bring together the rational, emotional and behavioural facets of an organisation’s brand to ensure not just a ‘one voice’ approach but a consistent and positive behavioural role modelling that really brings to life the congruence of the organisations brand throughout the whole value chain.  ‘The way we do things here’, becomes a tangible and profitable experience for both employees and customers like.

Click here for more information on our Shaping the Future programmes


Giving HR the edge

iStock_000016072820LargeAt Jungle we know what it takes to be a strategic HR Business partner, and we know that an aligned strategic people strategy can create valued added impact to an organisation.

Click here to learn more about how our HR programmes can give your HR team that all important competitive edge


Lead2Win is aimed at Leaders and Directors looking to enhance their Leadership skills and increase their personal effectiveness.

The Lead2Win programme offers five, one-day seminars.  These seminars offer amazing learning experiences which are highly interactive and packed with theory linked with practical exercises, tool and techniques enabling easy application back in the workplace.

Contact a member of the Jungle team to learn more about the Lead2Win programme

Growing Giants

Our Graduate Programme is focussed on helping graduates to be ‘ready for work’ whilst developing a leadership mindset.

Our programme will add business value at every key area of your graduate’s development journey.  growing giants enabling them to become future leaders.

Our Programme comprises of four modules and has been designed to deliver the core Leadership & Development of a Graduate programme, elements enabling graduates to gain the skills necessary of future leaders.

  • Module 1: Kickstart – Becoming business ready  knowing how to operate within a business environment, understanding both internal and external customers and why driving for results is essential.
  • Module 2:  Communication skills & The Art of Influence– raising personal awareness, understanding how to communicate effectively, building constructive & effective relationships
  • Module 3: Professional Etiquette (presenting with style) – Learning how to prepare and deliver innovative and effective presentations to ensure full understanding and gain buy-in.
  • Module 4: Getting things done –  Learning the essential skills needed for prioritisation and effective time management (self & others)  

For more information regarding our Growing Giants Programme contact a member of the Jungle team

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