Inclusion247 PodcastWhilst the importance of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is being increasingly recognised by large and small businesses alike, it is often seen in isolation or ends up being something that is only paid attention to when the next data is due. Here at Jungle HR we are passionate that inclusion should not just be prioritised when people are looking so our CEO, Teresa Boughey, has launched a new Inclusion247 podcast where she interviews a host of high-profile guests about their inclusivity journey.

The Inclusion247 podcast is designed for professionals who want to create an inclusive workplace culture and make a difference to society as a whole no matter where they are on their inclusivity journey.

Within the podcast, Teresa asks some of the most inspiring thought leaders of today what they are doing to break down barriers and how they are inspiring others to make a positive and lasting impact not only in the workplace, but across society. Teresa is determined to widen the discussion around diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging and endeavors to educate others on their important role in making a difference. So far, episodes featuring co-founder of Rethink Press Lucy McCarraher, Head of Happiness and Innovation at The Happiness Index Tony Latter and Daniel Sapuppo, People Advisory Services Manager at Ernst & Young (EY) with more exciting episodes to be released fortnightly.

The podcast is part of Teresa’s wider Inclusion247 initiative, whose mission is to help businesses to embed D&I within company culture as well as wider business strategy.  Inclusion 247 is the essential resource hub for any business’ Equality, Diversity and Inclusion journey.The hub provides tools, resources, webinars and latest Inclusion and Diversity news and is currently open to join the waiting list. Inclusion247 is brought to you by Jungle HR, an award winning organisation that works with Executive Boards and Leadership Teams during times of change, business transformation and provides expert guidance to help businesses increase inclusivity and increase their workplace sense of belonging.

On the launch of the podcast Teresa said “Diversity is not a standalone initiative; I hope listeners will recognise diversity is around us all of the time and see the important role they play in order to create a true sense of belonging in society. The embedding of inclusion rests on the creation of an environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable to share their stories and I hope this podcast will not only provide a platform for this, but show listeners that progress can only be made if we come together to create change.”

The Inclusion247 podcast is available on a variety of platforms including: