An award-winning consultancy has launched a free on line tool and workshop to help companies really understand where they are currently stand in terms of their diversity and inclusivity journey and what additional steps they might need to take to improve their organisational culture.

Jungle Diversity, part of the Jungle HR group, is on a mission to help 10,000 companies improve the diversity of their workforce. It has devised the tribe5 Diversity Accelerator™ Methodology which includes a range of tools, workshops and a book to assist HR directors and Board Directors get to grips with this important issue.

tribe5 embed

The free Scorecard is a quick and easy way for any organisation to find out what they score in 5 key areas of diversity and inclusivity including Taking Stock, Raising Awareness and Embedding the Culture.

Teresa Boughey, CEO of Jungle HR said: ‘Having a diverse and inclusive culture is important, not just for large companies that have to complete their annual Gender Pay Gap report, but any organisation that wants to be seen as forward-thinking and in a position to attract and retain top people.

‘As long as organisations complete the Scorecard in an honest way it’s a great opportunity for them to take stock, wherever they are on the journey and plan for the future. I think this is such an important issue that I want every organisation large or small to have the chance to take the Scorecard without charge and have access to a confidential personalised report.’

Once organisations have completed the online questionnaire, a 15 page report is generated which analyses each of the tribe5 steps and provides participants with some top tips on to work towards a diverse and inclusive culture.


scorecardWith a percentage score in each of the five sections, organisations can concentrate on the areas where they score the least and take the steps suggested. The Scorecard is available here and is completely free of charge to undertake.

For organisations that are serious about creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace there is also a free 2-hour Inclusion and Diversity Strategy Workshop taking place in London. Aimed at business leaders, directors and HR professionals the workshop takes place on Wednesday 21st November 2018.