The Jungle A-Z Motivation Guide

Well we have had a great summer weather wise and whether you went abroad or had a staycation we all know that we have had our last Bank Holiday now until Christmas.  Soon British Summer time will be ending and already the days now seem a lot shorter, but sadly the workload remains the same.

For some people the thought of dark mornings of the winter months means that it even harder to drag themselves to work in the morning even if that is just across the corridor to your home office.  If this is you…………. then you need to get some motivation back!

To help you spring out of bed in the morning and get you inspired, take a look at the first part of our A-Z of Motivation:

Aim High – Try your best in all that you do.

Be Positive – Recognise your positive characteristics and those around you. Focus on being positive in every aspect of your life and avoid negative thinking and self-talk. Surround yourself with positive people; don’t let negativity pull you down. Set your own agenda – chose to be positive!

Confidence – YOU are amazing and can do anything. Walk tall, and believe in yourself.

Development – By broadening your skills and trying new things you will continually grow and develop yourself.

Encouragement – Encourage and support colleagues and friends in their pursuits. It’s infectious – you’ll find they will do the same for you.

Finish Things – Starting things and never completing them can be a major cause of frustration, both for you and your boss! Completing that project/task that you have been putting off will give you a sense of achievement and enable you to move on to something bigger and better.

Get Stuck In – Putting off today what you could be done tomorrow is not always the best policy, as you’ll often find that whatever you’ve been putting off isn’t quite as bad as you thought.

Hard Work – Accept the fact that you’ll have to work hard to achieve success – remember; no pain no gain.

Inspiration – Read success stories from those you admire and be inspired by the experts. Join in! – Join in with those around you, who knows it may be fun!

Keep on Top of Things! – Being organised is key to helping you keep on top of things and to manage your workload. Make sure you also keep up with current events going on around you too.

Listen – More often than not we are too busy to listen to what people have to say and miss important information. Develop the art of listening – it will be amazing what you learn.

Motivation – This is the drive within you which helps attain set goals and improve your performance. Only you can take control of this driving force. Start now by thinking about what motivates you.

Never be Afraid to Ask – Not knowing something is not a weakness, but a great opportunity to learn and develop. If you know someone who is knowledgeable in an area you want to learn more about – then pick their brains and ask.

I hope you have enjoyed the first part of our A-Z of Motivation – try one thing a day and see how you get on!