I don’t know about you but I really struggle to function properly when I’m hungry.  I can’t seem to concentrate and I have to confess…  I can also get a bit short tempered.

Well, according to a recent article in Psychologies Magazine, researchers have explained the connection between hunger and anger.  When our blood sugar drops, cortisol and adrenaline rise in our bodies.  This triggers the release of neuropeptides, which affect the way our brains work.

It turns out that the triggers for hunger are the same as those for rage.   This may therefore explain why, according to research (conducted by S Devaney), ‘hangry’ is a real emotion and that 62 per cent of people say they make bad decisions when they are hungry.

It’s certainly true when it comes to supermarket shopping! I’ve been on the end trolley rage on  more than one occasion and  if I’m  hungry when I go supermarket shopping, well it’s  a recipe for disaster!  I end up filling up my trolley more than I really need, and not necessarily with the healthiest options.

These are my ‘hangry’ confessions … what do you do when you’re ‘hangry’? Does it affect your work or your relationships with your colleagues?