Stemming the Loss of Talent through Exit InterviewsDo you really know the reason why people leave your organisation?   Understanding the choices that people make, the opportunities they seek and the reasons why they no longer want to work for you are invaluable in reducing turnover.

Some organisations however shy away from this golden opportunity to seek feedback.   Exit interviews are often tick box exercises, conducted by individuals who fail to recognise the important of drilling down and establishing the real reason why people leave.

Equally, there are some employees who leave very loudly! Taking the opportunity to tell anyone who is willing to listen exactly why they are leaving often in a rather unprofessional manner.

Exit Interviews, when constructed and conducted properly and carefully are really important.  They provide a rich source of information to an organisation as to why talent is leaving.  However, the crucial thing is to do something with the data gathered from carrying out this activity.

The Reasons Why Staff Leave

It’s not all about pay and benefits, it’s not even about women leaving to bring up children, there is a mixture of tangible and intangible reasons why people leave work such as:

  • Poor employee engagement and communication
  • Lack of job satisfaction
  • Managers with poor supervisory skills and relationships
  • Lack of senior management support or lack of trust in senior management
  • An unhealthy work-life balance
  • Lack of training and development and opportunities
  • Being discriminated against due to gender, ethnicity or disability

Evelyn Bourke, chief executive of Bupa, has gone one step further, in an interview with the Times (July 24th 2018) and has called for companies to report annually on the number of women leaving their roles in addition to reporting on gender pay gap figures.

Bourke  stated that one of the biggest challenges Bupa was facing was trying to get more women into manager roles and as part of their talent strategy not only do they want to track who they attract, they also wanted to establish and track who was leaving and why.

Gathering data from Exit Interviews is just one way to help support a good talent management strategy. Forward looking companies should focus on creating cultures that enable everyone to be the best versions of themselves so they can deliver sustained outstanding business results.

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