A new take on the role of CFOThe Recruitment and HR media have been quick to pick up on an interesting news story this week (4th July 2018) regarding a ‘pioneering Tech Company’ advertising for an interim CFO.  But this time it’s not a Chief Financial Officer… it’s a Chief Feminism officer (CFO).

Spurred on by increasing government and media interest in gender equality the advert stated that the hiring organisation, having investigated how it treats its female workforce, found that the firm was in fact ‘part of the problem’.

A bold move indeed to put the spotlight and focus on one role to improve diversity in the workplace.  Whilst this affirmative action is to be applauded it raises some questions in my mind as to whether there was a better way to create an inclusive and diverse culture.

Improving Workplace Gender Diversity

Here at Jungle HR we believe the responsibility for ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce doesn’t just sit with the HR Department or in fact in just one role. It should start at the top, with the C-suite executives and should permeate through the organisations to include every employee.

There are many steps an organisation can take to help improve workplace diversity:

  • Coaching and mentoring plays a part in helping executives and managers recognise unconscious biases
  • Inclusive Leadership Development Programmes highlight how their behaviour and leadership style can be changed to make the best of a diverse workforce.
  • Having inclusive recruitment policies in place and ensuring that everyone who is involved in the hiring process is fully trained on diversity and inclusion
  • Introducing  flexible working patterns

The Business Case for Diversity at Work

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) recently published some research: Diversity and Inclusion at Work – facing up to the business case (June 2018). The findings stated that there should not need to be a purely business focussed diversity strategy but that treating individuals at work with dignity and respect is ‘the right thing to do’. It also brings numerous benefits including a stable and engaged workforce, improved team performance and innovation, greater retention rates and reduced costs and disruption of recruitment.

Having a diverse workforce will attract the right new talent in the future too as people choose to work at places where everyone’s unique skills, knowledge and abilities are recognised. Giving you a competitive advantage.

What Next?

If you don’t have the budget (or desire) for a Chief Feminism Officer but want to improve your workplace diversity whether that be gender, ethnicity, disability or age then there are an increasing amount of Diversity and Inclusion specialists out there. Jungle Diversity offers senior level coaching, mentoring and management programmes and consultancy based on our TRIBE Diversity Accelerator ™ methodology.

5 Key Steps to Create a Diverse and Inclusive Organisation

Organisations that adopt and follow our 5 key step TRIBE Diversity Accelerator ™ methodology will have a greater success in closing the gender gap, improving employee engagement, improving company performance and attracting and retaining top talent.

T – Take Stock – gather and analyse data to establish the ‘as is’ position; the truth in relation to the current diversity position [balance?] within the organisation

R – Raise Awareness –includes such initiatives as having an employee engagement plan, considering the tonality of the language within your organisation

I – Inspire and Involve – identify role models and ambassadors within the organisations

B – Build the Future – breaking with traditions and develop new structures, culture behaviours, plans and strategies

E – Embed – anchor diversity into the culture ensuring that it’s woven into the fabric of the company.  Celebrate success and build on the momentum.

For further information on the TRIBE Diversity Accelerator ™ and how you can access this through strategy sessions, accelerator events or a full 9-month supportive programme, get in touch.