Well World Cup Fever has truly started and all competing nations will be wondering whether they have the players to bring home the cup. Can the Captain bring the team together? Who are the young prodigies, the creative players, the best defenders or finishers? Will England stand a chance – let’s hope so!

insights dream team


Building Your Dream Team at Work

If you want a dream team at work you need to look at your employees and play to their strengths, giving people roles and tasks that match their skills even if it is outside of their job description.

Unlock the potential and the winning team will bring results to your business and harmony to your office.

I use the Insights Discovery® Tool to develop teams, to help individual members understand their natural strengths and preferred way of working. This leads to increased personal awareness, improved team effectiveness and better internal and external relationships.



Which Team Member are You?

The Protector – perhaps rigid with regards to roles and responsibilities, likes to work in a traditional way often senior management or a long time employee, doesn’t embrace change easily.

The Enforcer – results focussed, monitors performance, likes standards, rules and procedures, mindful of consequences and likes to take time to find the right solution.

The Captain – leading from the front, not always the most senior but a natural leader that people will follow, has good ideas but needs others to help implement them.

The Defender – shielding the team from outside problems, championing the project or company both internally and externally, a great ambassador

The Prodigy – has natural talent but needs to build team working skills, needs a mentor or coach to bring out the best of their abilities and confidence.

The Genius – a forward thinker with great ideas, positive, looks outside the box but is often hard to follow, impatient to implement new ideas.

The Grafter – happy to implement other people’s ideas, helps others, shares ideas, hardworking, quiet, reliable, not ambitious and often overlooked when it comes to promotion.

The Technician – bit of a geek or techy person, likes spreadsheets or fixing problems, always useful to have on the team to help plan and use tools and plans to implement change.

The Maverick – likes to throw people off balance with different ideas or approaches, sometimes difficult to work with but has a touch of brilliance that brings in new projects and business.

The Finisher – has great attention to detail, accurate, likes to follow a plan and timeline, good at picking up when the team has gone off course, good time manager

The Creative – can visualise a project in words, graphs or pictures and help others to understand what needs to be done. Great at working with external partners and organisations, persuasive a good spokesperson for the company.

A team needs lots of different skills and energies and this is best achieved through a diversity of gender, age and experience bringing balance to your business.

If you want to find out more about how better team dynamics and diversity can improve business outcomes, such as productivity, customer service and the bottom line. Take a look at what I can offer  or get in touch with me, teresa@junglehr.com. Or visit the Insights Discovery page.