As an Ambassador of The Hunger Project’s Unleashed Women movement, I was interviewed as part of World Hunger Day campaign and in the year 40th anniversary of The Hunger Project about my passion for empowering women and being part of the generation to end hunger.

Tell us about yourself and how you became involved with The Hunger Project 

I run a business consultancy practice called Jungle HR, and we specialise in working with executive boards and leaderships teams to ensure that their female leaders have a seat at the table. Every year we get involved with charitable activities and I was really inspired by The Hunger Project, particularly in terms of their philosophy about unleashing women and getting them to have a voice.

I was inspired because their programme was about more than just financial giving; it was about education and enabling women to step into their environment and create a platform for themselves.

I became part of The Hunger Project’s Unleashed Women programme because I am passionate about supporting other women across the world through education and empowerment.  As an Ambassador, I want to encourage my peers to take the initiative and be the change they want to see in the world.

Tell us how you feel about the idea of transformational giving?

For me, I am particularly drawn to the concept of allowing individuals themselves to create and shape their own futures, futures that will be sustainable for them. The Hunger Project therefore aligns with my personal values, and those of my company which is “delivering change through people.”

How can we end hunger in our lifetime?

Well, I’m very hopefully that with focused initiatives and support it can be achieved within our lifetime. Education is hugely important. We must continue to create change within the local environments, enabling ownership by the women themselves who are living and raising their families in these communities and who are settling the tone for generations to come. Education therefore is key for the change to sustainable.


If you could say one thing to someone reading this, what would it be? 

I would absolutely say to them, “Everybody has a role and responsibility to play in terms of ending hunger and staving off poverty. It could b

e that you give your time or financial support through charitable giving, or just raising awareness, but the most important thing is that everyone takes a step forward to end hunger”.

Finally, Happy Birthday Hunger Project! It’s a privilege to be one of your Ambassadors.  Keep up the great work, we are absolutely delighted to support you and to be on this transformational journey with you.