knowledge pass it onThere tends to be a myth that learning stops when you finish school. It may however continue a little longer if you attend college or University, but think again – learning is around us every day!

I am privileged enough to attend many conferences and events, one of the more memorable,(forgive the name dropping!,) was at The House of Lords focussing on Women’s Talent and Effective Leadership. This was followed by a presentation by Joanna Shields, CEO Tech City & UK Digital Ambassador. Both events were truly inspirational ……… so, here’s the four knowledge nuggets I took away from these events:

  • Share your knowledge willingly with others.  There’s the old saying ‘knowledge is power’, occasionally (usually driven by fear) knowledge can be inappropriately withheld or used as a weapon. Sharing your knowledge is a gift which you can freely give to others. The ability to enable someone else to grow and develop is part of being a leader and frees you up to grow yourself.
  • Leaders can sometimes feel an enormous burden to know all of the answers for everything, all of the time! Well, quite frankly this is impossible. Smart leaders surround themselves with people who know more than they do, they ask for help and input into projects and continue to learn from others around them.
  • Become your own mentor – never pass up an opportunity to have interesting conversations with others. Listen carefully to what you are hearing, these really are your own personal life mentoring moments.
  • Finally, embrace technology. Joanna Shields reminded delegates at the Skype reception that whilst in reality we are still considered to be in ‘technological infancy’, as consumers we are continually demanding improved technology. The children of our society provide wonderful examples of how our lives have changed through technology, they consider it the norm to ‘swipe’ at a screen expecting something to happen, yet for others technology can still hold considerable fear due to the changes which it may bring.  Technology is very much here to stay.  It has enabled many entrepreneurs to start businesses quickly and successfully, and continues to aid the growth of our UK economy.

Attending these events was alone was a huge reminder that learning never ceases.  We should blend our daily knowledge nuggets with the experience we have stored in our attic of memory. There’s no one size fits all as learning and knowledge sneaks up on you, it comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, individuals and methods.

Knowledge truly is fuel for growth, so go on, pass it on!