Closing the Pay Gap

Addressing Diversity in the workplace goes far beyond the now annual exercise of Gender Pay reporting, a Government initiative aimed at addressing pay disparities between female and male employees with the intention of closing the gap within a generation.

Organisations with over 250 employees had until midnight on 4 April 2018 to publish their data, and whilst reporting has provided many organisations with the opportunity to take the first steps, for some the figures represent an uncomfortable truth.

People Management reported that in a statement issued on deadline day, women and equalities minister Amber Rudd said there was “absolutely no excuse” for private sector organisations not to be transparent about their data.

“Businesses should see reporting gender pay gap data as just the first step on the road to creating fairer and more equal workplaces across the UK. They should be putting action plans in place to break down the barriers to women’s progression in their organisations,” she said.

Whilst reporting on gender pay brings an element of transparency, creating a workforce that embraces and values diversity is essential for our economic success and should be a priority on the leadership agenda.

There’s still so much work to be done and it won’t happen overnight, but those organisations that do fully embrace the benefits that a diverse workforce brings will be the ones who reap the Diversity Dividends.