peter-cheeseOur new division, Jungle Diversity, got the thumbs up from the none other than the big cheese himself… Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD at the recent CIPD Conference in Manchester.    

The annual CIPD conference, is a must for HR professionals (and even a ‘bucket list’ event as we heard it described by one delegate!)  and a great place to go to hear about learning and hear about industry focus areas.   In his keynote speech on 9 November 2016 Peter Cheese, highlighted the role that HR play in devising a future that’s good for people’, particularly when faced with a future of work which is changing shape every day. 

 Peter Cheese described the priorities of the profession as “looking after employees stress, wellbeing and developing diverse inclusive corporate cultures”.  He was therefore delighted to hear from our CEO Teresa Boughey, as they chatted in the CIPD lounge, about the launch of our new division Jungle Diversity,  which helps organisations to create a diverse and inclusive culture.  

 “Diversity is such an important focus area’ he said ‘the critical steps of mining data and creating plans to maximise talent are real organisational priorities. I wish Jungle Diversity every success,” added Peter.