National Work-Life Week 2016 has begun!nwlw-2016-300x300

Albert Einstein realised that time away from work is good for us and finding the right work-life balance is a hot topic for many executives and organisations.

National Work-Life Week is, therefore, a great opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on well-being at work and work-life balance.

The campaign is run by Working Families and is an opportunity for employers of all shapes and sizes to showcase their flexible working policies and practices and demonstrate in practice how they can support employees with work-life balance and wellbeing.

Why get involved?

National Work-Life Week is an opportunity to remind staff that flexible working is available to all employees, not just women or high value or senior staff

It’s a great opportunity to start conversations with employees about work-life balance

Employers who treat their people well will attract top talent and more customers.   Employee engagement improves resulting in longer term staff retention.

How to take part?

Here are a few ideas of ways in which you can take part:

  • Lunch & Learn – Offer workplace workshops around subject such as mental toughness & resilience
  • Storytelling –  Get employees to share their stories of the benefits that flexible working gives them
  • Encourage the use of technology and digital devices  (although this isn’t about being ‘always on/available!’)
  • Promote Flexible Working Polices and Practices – bring them to life through case studies

Working Families have created  a useful employers toolkit for download

Still not convinced?    Well, take a look at this Guardian article Five reasons to go home on time (at least during National Work Life Week) 

Oh, and Wednesday 5 October was ‘Go Home on Time’ day… hope you did!