As a manager you may not realise this but you have a super power at your disposal.

Most people have no idea of the power of recognition and reward.  Thank You not only makes people feel appreciated, noticed and rewarded but shows that as a manager you know what’s going on, on your watch, that your all seeing super powers are at work (it’s not supposed to sound sinister!) It also shows implicitly that you notice any poor work or lack of enthusiasm.  In other words, the simple words “Thank You” are a basic management tool that is woefully underused.

A genuine Thank You costs nothing but makes all the difference to the recipient.  Everyone wants to feel appreciated, respected and visible.

Disengaged employees are either looking for another job or treading water – neither situation is going to benefit your business.  If you’ve got good employees doing good work then count yourself lucky – and build on it.

As with all magic words you must use them carefully.  Make sure you mean what you say and don’t fling them around loosely so that they lose their power.  Subtlety is good too.  Thank people privately as well as publicly – a handwritten note will be particularly appreciated.

Recognise excellence and it will multiply.  Others will want to bask in the warm glow of appreciation and before you know it you will have cultivated a whole company of top performing people.  Just by wielding two well recognised but most underused words…

Thank You.

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