Through strategic awareness and solid HR understanding, HR Business Partnering provides a crucial link between an organisational overall goals and its people practices.

For this to be possible HR Business Partners need to stay aware of external factors, understand their business strategic focus and be skilled communicators to build links between departments.

A true HR Business Partner needs to demonstrate the value of HR and have the courage to be a partner and provocateur.

At Jungle, we have designed a Business Partnering programme that comprises a  series of workshops that will equip HR Professionals with the skills, tools and techniques to be true HR Business Partners.

  • Our programme is designed for senior or high-potential, aspiring HR professionals.

    It offers a genuine contemporary understanding of what HR is all about and provides the essential skills, tools and techniques that will build business awareness, raise strategic thinking to drive their own success and the success of their business.

    Prior to the programme participants will be asked to connect with their own business to understand its key commercial and strategic challenges and to collect 360-degree feedback in order to understand how they are perceived against each the programme module areas.

  • Jungle recognises some of the common challenges which need to be overcome when transitioning from transactional HR to transformational, strategic HR Business Partners.

    In our experience, here are some of the common challenges which organisations face…..

    • HR Professionals are asked to play a new more strategic role but are still doing iStock_000017148213Mediumthe job of traditional HR and have to deal with the volume of day to day operational pressures which do not go away!
    • Line Managers are unclear about what HR will be doing now they are ‘Business Partners’ and what they should be doing.
    • Tensions build if communication during this transition is ineffective as Managers may become angry that there is perceived less support to help them manage operational people challenges.
    • Achieving a role shift of operational people responsibility, both within HR and particularly towards line management is extremely difficult.
    • The business case for HR Business Partnering might have been a relatively easy sell, however the predicted cost benefits aren’t necessarily realised quickly.

    Our HR Business Partner programme will address these challenges (and more) and will provide that vital strategic edge.

  • iStock_000005366886LargeJungle have developed a suite of skills development workshops designed to equip a HR Professional with skills, tools and techniques that build business and commercial awareness, raise strategic thinking abilities, consider brand and impact (both individual and organisational) and learn how to speak the language of the business.


    • Module   1: HR Mastery – Understand the 7C’s of Consulting, the importance of the HR impact   ladder and how you to align business strategy with the people strategy
    • Module   2: Change Mastery – To learn tools and techniques to   understand the culture of the organisation and how to manage change   effectively (Organisation, others and self)
    • Module   3: Business Mastery – Understand value creation within the   organisation, ROI measures and be able to speak the commercial language of   the business
    • Module   4: Personal Credibility – Raising your personal awareness,   understanding brand (functional & individual) and develop coaching skills   to improve relationships and increase influence

    The workshops have a heavy emphasis on practice as well as theory, and there is a high degree of mutual support and challenge provided by the Jungle Consultants during workshop facilitation.

    Prior to the programme participants will be asked to connect with their own business to understand its key commercial and strategic challenges and to collect 360-degree feedback in order to understand how they are perceived against each the programme module areas.

  • Benefits to the individual

    By the end of the programme you will:

        • Understand how HR is, and could, support and enhance the business imperatives of your organisation
        • Understand how to integrate your functional HR strategy into that of your organisation
        • Improve personal awareness and understand your impact on others
        • Develop coaching techniques in real time and with immediate transference of skills back in the workplace
        • Enhance your ability to influence and challenge business decisions
        • Understand the business partner approach, and what it means in your organisation
        • Build confidence and credibility in successful partnering to work with senior teams to shape, steer and advise.
        • Increase your commercial awareness
        • In addition develop the consultative skills needed to effectively support line managers with day to day HR activities

    Benefits to the organisation

    As a result of our programme the organisation will gain a HR professional who:

        • Can contribute more effectively to the overall business agenda
        • Can commence modelling the consulting processes required of a HR Business Partner
        • Can develop an HR agenda that will support business goals
        • Is personally more effective in contributing to business decision-making and supporting the senior team
        • Is able to offer more strategic value to the organisation

  • We have successfully delivered HR Business Partnering programmes to a number of clients, here’s what they told us…..

    We worked with Jungle during our Business Partner transition.  The workshops and coach/mentoring support has been outstanding and has made a significant difference to the HR Team and our organisation

    Helen Gopsill, HR Director Safran, Aircelle


    Jungle delivered a HR Business Partner programme for our HR Community.  The programme was instrumental in upskilling our HR Team and enabling a clear and supported transition moving from a transactional Personnel function to a HR Business Partner team.

    Stuart Branch, Group HR Director, Weetabix

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